Laminar Business and IT Solutions

Laminar Business and IT Solutions (Laminar) is a company of professional and motivated people ready to solve your business challenges to keep you focused on your core business activities and expand your business to a new height.

At Laminar, we make it easy for organizations of any size to establish their operations in a very cost-effective way. We enable the possibilities of managing your operations with a successful team through the best possible use of our service model. We look to serve companies with needs for operations in the Contact Center, Information Technology, and/or the Back Office industries.


Your success is our success

‘Laminar’ signifies a smooth and streamlined flow, which creates the foundation of our company. We aim to smoothen and streamline our clients’ business operations. Our service will be provided in a timely, transparent, reliable, and specialized manner with a strong service attitude.

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Precise and Concise

We have built a business culture that starts with customer requirements and is driven by consistent user feedback.


“Quality at Every Step” is the driving force here at Laminar. We ensure that everyone knows precisely what to do, how to do it, and when to do it—there are no assumptions, because everything is documented and undergoes dual-level screening before being passed on to the floor, along with recommended workflows. Every delivery is checked against a pre-agreed checklist to ensure compliance with quality targets.

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Here at Laminar we value efficiency, quality, and consistency.

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Operational Efficiency – Reduced time to accomplish tasks and ensure smooth and streamlined performance
Quality – Deliver high-quality results by leveraging coordination and effective use of workflows and process documentation and skill
Consistency – Deliver reliable outcomes every time, producing the same level of user experience and quality

Global presence to serve you better

Let us solve your business challenges and achieve growth together.